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  1. You need to be permanently within an organization in order to know the collaborators in order to perfect your collaboration with them.

    We have observed in companies that detailed reconciliations in the context of the production of an offer made it very easy for committed employees to build a quality offer. The most important thing is to have a common goal and to work together. In addition, since work and successes bring people together, repeating collaborations with your teams will be enough for us to develop strong emotional ties.

  2. You must have a perfect understanding of the solutions we market to be able to sell them.

    Before the start of any mission, we require to receive training / presentation of your solutions. From our point of view, it is important for the Business Developer to know the technical solutions at a level that allows him to popularize the solution and talk about it. Its role is not to be able to explain the details of the functionalities of a system or a product, but to bring together the key needs of customers and the value proposition of the company. It is while in contact with the customer that the Business Developer identifies key needs and prepares the executive summary that responds to them.

  3. We need someone who works exclusively on our business missions.

    The missions that you could entrust to us will receive our full attention, be sure of it. Your company have several clients and different assignments, each just as demanding as the next. You are therefore able to understand that it is possible to work for several clients at the same time. Moreover, if you have a sales team, many of them work on several files concurrently. We strictly monitor our level of work and have set a limit that prevents us from accepting assignments that we cannot honor.

  4. We already have a large network of contacts that you don't have so we don't need you.

    The point is not to oppose our respective networks, but rather to add them together to work for the success of our common objectives.

  5. How can we be sure of the work done?

    We will produce a business report that recalls current activities on the one hand and strategic business information on the other. The report is produced at the end of the mission for those whose duration is less than 1 month and bimonthly for those whose duration is greater than 1 month. On a daily basis, we operate spontaneous telephone reporting.

  6. How will you proceed if you are approached by two competing organizations?

    We offer exclusive contracts to avoid this situation. If our reciprocal organizations are not bound by an exclusive contract, it is quite possible that one or more of your competitors will approach us and we will consider their requests.

  7. We have employees who are already entrusted with the missions that you imagine you can carry out for us.

    By collaborating with us, you will be able to entrust missions with more strategic characteristics to your internal collaborators.

  8. If we use your services to respond to a public procedure and our case is not ultimately selected, what is your share of responsibility?

    The criteria for selecting candidates are set out in the consultation documents. In the event of failure of a procedure, we will analyze the customer assessment together with regard to the elements that we have provided and of course, we will take our share of responsibility. This can lead to financial compensation up to the limit of the amounts actually paid by your organization to ours.

  9. Your daily rate is expensive, we cannot work with you at this rate level.

    If price is the only obstacle to collaboration between our entities, then let's make an appointment to discuss and find intelligent solutions that satisfy each party.

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