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About us

KPGN Expertise is a commercial agent agency.

KPGN Expertise identifies, builds, negotiates and signs business contracts for the benefit of your company.

KPGN Expertise operates in France and Central Africa on public markets.

As such, KPGN Expertise is a strategic commercial agent to ensure the growth of your business in your domestic and export markets.

KPGN Expertise has expertise in public procurement, diplomacy and entrepreneurship.

Public procurement

KPGN Expertise has solid experience in public procurement developed on the French, European and American markets.


KPGN Expertise demonstrates diplomacy in all circumstances and is an ambassador of industry worldwide.


KPGN Expertise is proactive in seeking growth levers in order to ensure the sustainability of the business continually.

Our vision & value proposal

Our vision

We are passionate about business and continually want to take on new business challenges. More than a job, it is a way of life for us.

Recent evolutions in society have shown that companies are looking for more flexibility regarding their employees in terms of the type of employment contract, working time or even remuneration.

KPGN Expertise makes a value proposal that addresses these concerns.

Our value proposal

Business experience

We provide you with our rich and successful business experience in selling systems, products and services to demanding customers.

Contractual flexibility

We offer you a commercial service contract that we will agree together with flexibility in order to meet all of your business needs.

Our references

Our Commercial Agent has successful business experiences working with the following organizations:

logo Thales


logo Kongsberg


logo CGX Aero

CGX Aero

logo Engie solutions

Engie solutions

logo Edisoft


logo Oktal


logo DSNA


logo NAV Portugal

NAV Portugal

logo NATO


logo Austro Control

Austro Control

logo Enaire


logo Airbus


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